History of Hidden Creek Farm
(565 River Road, FT. Plain, NY)

After the revolutionary war started a committee of vigilantes of Tryon County(now Montgomery) Nicholas Herkimer was chairman and John Eisenlord was secretary. Mr. Herkimer became a colonel in the militia and John Eisenlord became a major. It was John’s duty to deliver the provisions for the use of the continental army.

The militia took part in the battle of Oriskany. There were many Indians hiding in the woods and their type of warfare was so different from anything which was expected, that many Americans were killed, including major John Eisenlord, while fighting alongside colonel Hekimer. This was on August 6, 1777, when he was just 40 years old.

The fist John Eisenlord came to America about 1760. He was born in Germany in 1737. He has a good education in Germany. In 1768 he was elected under Sheriff of Albany Co. And was given a position in the Malita. Later he married and has 1 daughter and 3 sons. In 1775 he purchased 25 acres which later were part of the farm.

John Eisenlord II was nine years old when his father was killed at the battle of Oriskany. He was Captain of the 5th regiment of the NYS Artillery in 1805. John II was also Sheriff of Montgomery County (1811-1817)

John Eisenlord III was born in 1795 to John II. He received an excellent education and later became pastor of the church at Fayette. In 1848 he bought a farm near St. Johnsville. The post office was Minden, NY. The greek revival house (at 565 River Road) was built in 1860.


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